100% of proceeds will go to the CDC Foundation

Proceeds from the competition will be donated directly to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s Emergency Response Fund to help respond to the public health threat posed by the COVID-19 virus. 

OUR GOAL - To encourage dancers to keep dancing even during these tough quarantine times, and do our part to help our frontline heroes!

Competition Guidelines

Who can participate?​

Anyone 5yrs and above from any part of the U.S.

What should I submit?​

A 1-2 minute SOLO (no groups) dance video of any dance style.

You can also submit a video of a prior dance performance or create a new video now during quarantine.

Videos should be appropriate as per community standards - no profanity, foul language, or provocative dances.

Participants can register for the competition multiple times in different dance style categories to showcase their versatility!

Where do I submit my video?

Upload your video to YouTube and classify as "unlisted" or "public".

Submit the YouTube link through the registration form below.

When is it due?

By Midnight EST on May 24th

How do I pay the $10 registration fees?

Venmo @iampurvi OR Zelle to info@pnpdancecrew.com.

Include your full name and 'Charity Online Dance Competition'

Age Groups:

5-8 yrs




Dance Style Categories:



Folk (Bhangra, Garba, Raas, Rajasthani, Lavani, etc.)

Registration Fees - $10

WINNERS will be recognized on P&P Dance Crew's social media channels! FOLLOW FOR UPDATES!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pnpdancecrew

Instagram: @pnpdancecrew

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Judging Rubric

20 pts

Choreography / Technicality:

Does the dancer present proper form and technique for the dance style?

Are the moves clean, crisp, and well executed?

How difficult and complex is the choreography? 

10 pts


How original is the act?

Does the dancer have any elements that make them unique? 

20 pts

Enthusiasm / Energy:

Is there consistent energy?

Does the dancer have appropriate facial expressions?

Is the dancer having fun?

+10 pts

Bonus Points for "WOW" Factor:

Does the dancer have a good and appropriate costume?

Is the dancer making good use of props and stage setting?

Meet Our Judges

Hover over their pictures to learn more about them!

Prachi Shah
Purvi Shah
Kavita Rana
Purvi Pandya
Sanju Teepireddy

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